I Miss You Folks Already!

Travel VW

Hello Good Blog People,

Just to let you folks know that I will be away for some time as there are urgent personal matters that require my wife and I to return to Canada. Our house in Texas will be sold but we do not have a place in Canada so are not sure when we will be back online. Over the next two weeks, we pack up and drive from Texas to western Canada. We did let our dog “Doc” know that we are going on vacation. He is a blind and deaf senior dog and loves going in the car, especially on vacation!

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But, But, Butt

Butting Heads

It was a warm, slightly overcast, Thursday afternoon, heading into fall. Two low wattage bulbs barely lit the dark, one room newspaper shack. We called it a shack because it consisted of 2” x 4” materials, with a door, a small steel barred window and without insulation on the walls. My older brother and I finished placing weekly adverts in the papers and headed out to deliver them.

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