“AT, Like At?” “Yes, @.” “At, Got it!”

When starting a new WordPress blog post, there’s a question at the start of each blog, “What’s on your mind?“. At the point of entering the writing box it then becomes blank (the text box), leaving everything up to the writer.

In grade 7, a good friend of mine, Gary, said, “Alan, there’s a new industry on its way called computers. Thousands of jobs will be created!” Gary was smart taking his own advice, he made a successful lifetime career from a practically nonexistent industry, based on his exceptional vision. I put it off until I was tossed in head first. A phone call to Gary landed expert professional help selecting my first computer (Apple IIC).

Most of you may know that Excel formulas start with an equals “=” sign. Apple started with an “@” symbol. Another call to Gary for spreadsheet help. “Gary, how do I get this thing going?”. Gary, who has tons of patience, said “Enter @ into a cell followed by an open parenthesis”. “Ok, enter At. What’s an open parenthesis?”. Gary responded, “Yes, @, then Shift 9…”, and proceeded to coach me. “Ok, type At, like AT?”. “Yes, @…”. “At, Got it! Continue”. That went on for longer than I care to admit. Frustration finally shut the phone call down due to the student, not the professor.  About 2:00 AM it hit me between the ears and started an exciting journey utilizing computers, thanks to Gary, who helped plant a life changing seed!

My take on what this blog should return fits in two categories. First, issues that I struggled with. Second, passing along examples so the readers don’t make the same mistakes. There are no exemptions from making mistakes as we all learn our best lessons when looking back! Most parents know they can offer advice to their children (young or old), but there are times they have to let them do it their way. This creates the “Fall down, go boom effect”. A proven, effective choice of many nations, worldwide!

Show by example creates an environment where folks can come away feeling satisfied and successful. Hopefully, you find what you are looking for. If you don’t find it, simply ask and if it’s possible and you selected to follow you will automatically receive a response when it’s created! If you are not listed to follow, return when you like. Also, one simple request. Please pass this blog site to all those people you feel would benefit!


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