Princess and Her Prince

Mother Nature 5

A rose and a thorn
They were meant to be
In a breath, both reborn
Both heart’s would agree

Rebounding from their lows
Reaching highest of highs
Tickling their toes
Locked together with their eyes

Two souls bound on earth
No question as to why
New life, new birth
Beneath a clear blue sky

Should roses grow up yonder
And kisses on a cloud
Her Prince may still ponder
But the Princess is so proud

For the years spent together
Bound the two as one
Hearts woven like a feather
Only angels could have spun

Tears may run like a river
For the Prince left behind
But that thread, like a sliver
Shows the Princess he’s still kind

Although he asks for roses
The garden is her heart
As she stands and simply poses
Praying her Prince’s life restarts.

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