The Old Path

Tree Path

The day was hard and the night so long
For tired has caught up with me
Lay your head on the pillow but come on along
We will walk down the shore by the sea

Warm breeze in the night cast the moon on the sand
Don’t you love misty stars in the night?
Though you sleep as we walk in the sand on the land
With your mind unimpeded tonight

Waves rushing in then retreating again
Drifting silently back to their home
Your mind is adrift with each wave like a pen
On a paper that strikes out a poem

You know not your name or where to place blame
For you sit all alone round the clock
Stolen from you is your life, what a shame
Like a clock that goes tick and not tock

I will draw the curtain so you can now sleep
For the day is all gone my dear friend
May the Lord let you dream like a little lost sheep
The old path always comes to an end.

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