The Seed

Seed 2

The time has come to plant the seed
Believe yourself and your own creed
Today you hold what’s learned before
The future draws from this, your store

Take heed with what you say today
Make haste and keep the wolves at bay
See what stands before your eyes
Watch what comes in forms of lies

Let your heart be your guide
The good the bad they will collide
When they lay upon the ground
Learn from both with which you found

Listen to the old and wise
For they shall help reduce the cries
The battle which you will confront
Shall be alive and may be blunt

Learn that skies are blue when blue
Good grass is green and this is true
That babies are a gift of life
Be true and honest to your wife

Keep a place for those without
Look around they’re all about
For every one that you help out
Will flourish from life’s waterspout

Remember what you did before
Will once again knock at your door
There is a price to pay for all
Keep this in mind it is your call.

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