A Mother’s Perch

Tree 3

A mother’s heart bestows great love
To draw toward, that none may shove
For those of them who miss the point
A mother’s touch it will anoint

Turn the other cheek it reads
Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it bleeds
A healing process does occur
The wounds gain strength and then they blur

Remember all those days at birth
You loved and brought them to this earth
Such happiness your heart can trace
Each little hand, each little face

Every child will mount a search
To find their place on Mother’s perch
A lifetime goal to seek and find
A mother’s warmth, it should be kind

Receptive ears will hear the cries
Boundless borders retain those ties
A kiss with love will heal the pain
The child will grow, the earth will gain

Send forth those children, which you taught
For all the good you know you fought
Although you push them from the nest
The good, the bad, you’ve done your best.

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