Road Dusty 5

Walking along down an old dusty road
Weight on my back makes for one heavy load
Inside are burdens for most of my fears
Cleansing was done most the time with my tears

Each of us have many notes on a list
Times of composure, sometimes with a fist
Tallies are taken at some final point
On up to heaven or some lowly joint

Score is all in and the game it is done
For now you must walk before you can run
Add from the left and subtract from the right
Account for darkness or hopefully light

Scroll is spread out and the total is there
Burn down below or now rise in the air
Those choices were yours you made all along
Some they were right and some others were wrong

In our heart of hearts we know what was bad
Things that were happy and others so sad
Kindness we offered when there to be shared
Some never noticed but few actually cared

Good deeds were many, a few hung around
Most they were silent but some made a sound
Helping the homeless and less privileged ones
Fatherless children and some without moms.

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