Four Walls Inside


You sit behind those prison walls
For a crime that was not your fault
The truth was bent, you took the fall
Tossed away the key for your vault

The fire in you burned so bright
Time’s shifting from now to the past
Your hands are tied for this your fight
Your candle for sure it must last

On the street some heathen does walk
Fake pride makes him stoop and then crawl
Vulture’s fly above and now stalk
One dark day that sky it must fall

Mother’s heart she pleads innocent
Her prayers raised for you every night
To her dear Lord, she does repent
In hopes they will see the right light

We all fear ones living inside
Crimes believed that they did commit
They took the stand and hence were tried
For their time they must now submit

Like animals from natures wild
Tossed them wildly into a cage
Those crimes are counted and compiled
Removing them from center stage

Most of them know that they did wrong
For them to do what they do best
They’d rather sing a prison song
Until they achieve a new crest

Your story proves another line
For you have committed no wrong
A jury quick to toast with wine
Verdict in, you no longer belong

Four walls no longer mean the same
When confined in solitary
Detention holds such ruthless blame
Court and jury must set you free.

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