Life’s Teardrops


What is a tear you ask today?
I’ll tell you if I can
All joy, sorrow and fear you pay
Into a lifelong plan

Some they claim that tears are bad
But I believe they’re wrong
There’s tears that make us very sad
Those one’s, they make us strong

Teardrops start at birth my dear
They’re tears of happiness
The tears your mother did endear
Erased with tenderness

A baby cries for it’s first meal
For hunger it does strike
The mother’s breast does sooth and heal
Life’s source to raise the tike

A child’s first walk will have a fall
Those tears are fears of shock
The mom and dad they make that call
To parents, like a clock

Some tears arise when children fight
Though these will build their strengths
Wiping moistened cheeks just right
With hugs that go great lengths

The loss of life does bring on tears
Flowing like a winding river
A part of us it seems it shears
When loved one’s take a sliver

The day will come a friend will pass
From the many you have made
On down the mountainside in mass
Rushing tears, you’ll feel betrayed

‘Tis not the time to feel so down
Although you stand alone
Your tears will raise them to the crown
Heavens gates they will be shown

Then later in that same old church
A wedding you’ll have found
No longer feeling in a lurch
Your tears on solid ground

Tears will cleanse the mind and soul
For those of whom they flow
Turning white, life’s darkened coal
Life’s teardrops do bestow.

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