Many Love You, Dear

Cyclone Pam & Nathan

Strolling paths across the years
Happy times combined with fears
Dark sky open’s now and then
Rushing tears come once again

Tough’s the day when news is new
Lonely hearts misconstrue
Shattered thoughts of days now bent
Stress and heat, a shell thus spent

Strength emerges day by day
For your life and new found way
Flower gardens, smell them all
Visions in a crystal ball

Know your journey’s not alone
Friends and family are your stone
They’ll back you up when in need
Use heart and soul, plant new seed

Grandchildren smiles beam within
Planets align now you spin
Enjoy your days for their worth
Love invested on this earth

Your thoughts with us all day long
Be yourself and you’ll be strong
Feel the love that nudges near
Without doubt, we love you dear.

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