Night Flight Dream

Sunrise 17

Daylight quarrels with the eve
Sleepy eyes fight for reprieve
Falling upward in one’s sleep
Elevate to swoop so steep

Green slits gaze toward the sky
Past creates this moments high
Future seconds gliding near
Fantasy along with fear

Planting feet atop the street
Chest leaps to a brand new beat
One foot forward, one foot back
Panic thrusts a fresh attack

Speed is gained, legs crying out
Steal away no time to pout
Thrusting forward to the ground
Breathing beats and heart does pound

Altitude is now achieved
Gained by motion and by speed
Higher than the clouds above
Eagle dressed, a royal dove

Hours up and hours down
Back to earth and shanty town
What a dream for one to seek
Fleeting moments of mystique.

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