The Bicycle

Bicycle girl

A dream comes true with my new bike
Not three wheels, but two
Today must be a lucky strike
My favorite, it is blue

Head out the door for my big trip
The daydream comes alive
No time to drink but just a sip
Today’s my day to drive

Upon the seat without a fear
Then suddenly a slump
My eye did shed a little tear
From seat to ground, a thump

No broken bones, just my pride
I’m shaken up a bit
My father stands now by my side
I’m back again to sit

Hold on my child and not to worry
You’ll learn to ride today
Please do not get in a hurry
Atop the bike you’ll stay

With hands around the handle bars
I feel like I may fall
My feet they seem as though they’re far
But my, I feel so tall

On down the road we go together
My father talks so soft
My hat should sport a yellow feather
The world I sit aloft

Father looks as though he’s far
Reassuring that he’s near
Up and down the lane of tar
I overcome my fear

Thank goodness for my father’s hand
I know he holds the seat
Until I look and see him stand
Alone and yet discreet

From panic then to nerves of steel
For reasons new to me
Cast down the lane like rod and reel
The line it snapped, I’m free.

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