Your Fathers Thoughts

Children Ocean 1

The time has come I must proceed
To lands so far away
My work awaits, we must concede
I must be on my way

‘Tis never fun this work we toil
The muscles and the bone
To work the land, the mind, the soil
For this I work alone

You have each other all the year
To talk and care and share
Do not forget your father dear
For truly he does care

The moments come the moments go
I think about my loves
I miss to see you to and fro
Alone on planes above

Although I’m here and you are there
Do not forget your father
He sits and wonders as he stares
Your photos he does bother

The time has come to say goodnight
I hurt and miss you so
A day gone by I see the light
And soon your smiles will glow.

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