Resting Spurs

Spurs Reduced 2

The gate did swing, the stands were loud
His heart reached out to please the crowd
Thunder pounds as if to cry
Young cowboy reaches toward the sky

Thrashing dust as he did ride
Held in the saddle with parents pride
Spurs dig deep for him to grow
The beast attempts an overthrow

The rides complete and he dismounts
His cards all played, finesse it counts
The points are in, he’s near the top
He wants to pray, one knee will drop

Many eyes look on with glee
Firm hand gently atop his knee
No credit taken as he gives praise
He thanks the Lord for wondrous ways

Some they think it is the ride
While others see the Lord in stride
His prayer is done and up he comes
The crowd they roar as music strums

A day of mourning did arrive
The cowboy’s strength could not survive
So strong the force it took a toll
It stole his body but not his soul

His bed prepared for he did sleep
The dust was gone, no longer deep
Silken pillow beneath his head
An angel lifts him from his bed

Upon the saddle for one last ride
His head it nods and then does glide
Goodbye dear Mom and dear old Dad
For you, this day, it must be sad

I love you both, you’ve made me proud
I’ll place my saddle upon this cloud
They’re pearly gates and I feel blessed
My spurs and I have come to rest.

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