First Lieutenant David Steeves (Scouts Honor)


It was Thursday, May nine; the year was nineteen hundred fifty-seven
First Lieutenant David Steeves headed to Alabama, via heaven
An explosion in mid-air, fate decided the trouble it might spell
His chute thrust him from heaven taking him into a living hell

The earth with all its splendor invited him for a second chance
Survival of the fittest was essential defending his new stance
Wandering in the wilderness struggling for a time to be set free
The Air Force just gave up and told his mother death was by decree

As miracles would have it in fifty-four days he’d be found alive
First declared a “Hero”, till rumor disbelieved he could survive
Because there was no wreck found they tore apart his solid reputation
Proof Doubting Thomas poked holes into nail prints many a generation

Eight long years he suffered wretched dog fight gnawing at his back
A burden carried to his grave as death stopped him quickly in his track
Twenty years from the start some Boy Scouts set foot out on a journey
Returning with hard evidence restoring truth and honor in its glory

There was a similar story of a young man two thousand years ago
He too came from the wilderness holding to the words that He did know
Although He had His followers there still were many who did not believe
The Good Lord Jesus Christ was crucified upon the cross without reprieve.

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