Log Cabin Built

Log Cabin

In days gone by how time did fly
The hatchet built the cabin high
With tongue and groove, firm walls were built
Knot holes like a patchwork quilt

Porch out on the back that night
Set the mood the moon was right
The old gray owl with talons strong
One graceful swoop it does belong

Beauty of the night did bring
Bell of silence so light a ring
Field mouse ran without a trace
The moon lit up the gray owls face

Crickets leaped and chirped out loud
The sky was clear without a cloud
A coyote howled a doleful sound
All rodents knew they could be found

Although the gray owl searched for prey
The field mouse knew it could not stay
For if it stood in one lone spot
On its last breath, it would be caught

The rocking chair did keep in time
With natures rhythm and natural rhyme
A breeze came by and bid goodnight
Inside the coal oil lamp shed light

It took good time to build this home
Across the prairie we do roam
From field to field the crops we’ll sow
All trees, and grass, and life will grow

The test of time it will stand true
If morning brings a sky of blue
The birds will sing their songs with soul
Log cabin built, we’ve met one goal.

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