Brief Encounter


The line it was short yet damp in the fall
Taking clothes was the lady at the counter
A man in the front had a dress it was small
Moving forward he did shake and did flounder

Turning around she shouted out “Next”
Annoyed at the speed of the line
Shuffling ahead although somewhat perplexed
Was the man dressed as though going to dine

Without looking up, the lady did ask
When do you want your clothes back?
Although it did seem like a straight forward task
That is when the mans voice it did crack

Lifting his head showing tears in his eyes
His short story began to unravel
Their daughter is gone and without the good-byes
She left them for one final travel

Only six years old and so full of life
Was this girl he adored to no end
The trip she did take has caused them great strife
For there shan’t be a return to attend

His hair was pitch black but turning to gray
With each of her thoughts being remembered
What appeared a big man now started to fray
With her leaving he now feels dismembered

The wife was not there as she sat home and stared
At the prison now caught up inside
All delight from her life has been stripped and now bared
With removal of her biggest pride

What a sad lonely tale of a family of three
Changed at the snap of a finger
For the girl she has gone taking all fantasy
Leaving memories that hang on and linger

The encounter although brief left my heart with a scar
For the man with the dress for his daughter
I know that the pain must remain like a tar
Burning deep, no relief from the water.

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