Glass of Water

Water Pouring

Night drops in and sets up camp
The lights will go in time
My room is dry with little damp
An eve without a rhyme

Steal away my sleepy night
My strength is draining fast
Please do not turn out the light
I feel I’m on my last

You hear my voice call out tonight
I know this in my mind
I call not once, but twice, then thrice
Lord knows I’m in a bind

Calling out to my dear love
Not much do I now ask
A glass of water for my throat
Drawn from the water flask

My love for you it is so strong
That I will look away
You know not yet what you did wrong
Until the break of day

I cry for you as loss is near
The pain within my head
You’ve yet to know of your new fear
My soul departs this bed

Goodbye my love I’ll miss you so
I hope you’ll miss me too
The shadows come, now I must go
For all the good, thank you.

10 thoughts on “Glass of Water

  1. oh…..this is so very sad. And yet the forgiveness and love is in the one crying out, even as s/he departs the earth, thirst unquenched, loving still. Just an amazing story and so well put here.
    I’m so glad you mentioned this to AnnMarie so I could see it.


  2. Okay, this scared me a little. ;) I know when I hit the sheets this eve I’m bringing my own glass of damn water :)
    Kidding aside, Alan – stellar – you say so much with your wisely-timed words. The pace if perfect, sad and almost echoing…I heard the poor woman’s voice growing raspier as she spent her last vestiges of energy calling out…
    I’m scared and a little bit ticked off at the husband – I assume she was calling out for him.
    Thank you for leading me here for a wonderful, albeit slightly scary, read :)
    I’ll have to poke around your site more. I saw many good things – like chocolates!


    1. Oh my. Sorry for scaring you. You may want to trade the damn water for tap or Perrier. You never know what the beavers and fish have left in the water :o)
      Yes, the intent was that she was calling his name. I do not think that ticked off would have the same effect as you think it might. His soul knew what he did wrong and heaven forbid, I am sure that was a huge price to pay.
      Please poke around at your leisure young lady! :o)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. :) Of course, I wasn’t really scared. I added that in for dramatic effect. ;) I do sleep with a glass of water bedside though.
        I only get angry when the kids leave a mess in the house ;)
        I will be perusing your site further, Sir Alan.
        Happy Wednesday to you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Only be afraid of the dark, nothing else. I love your dramatic effects :o) They have a saying in Peru about children, “They are all angels…when they’re sleeping”. In addition to bloke, another favorite is perusal! :o)


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