Long Distance Call


The numbers are entered
Across the wire they go
My mind feels so centered
Listen to the bell flow

Ring-a-ling-ling, bell does sing
Awaiting a response
Holding the piece seems to cling
Symphonic renaissance

The line clicks I hear
A voice from the past
Sounding not far but near
How long will it last

Hello, it this so and so?
Yes it is, and who are you?
Excitement builds as voices grow
Tis like a debut

Once past the weather
From my heart it is true
For your hat is a feather
Because I was thinking of you

To see how you are
And know what you do
Your home is so far
But I still think of you

Time lost in space
Since we last met
I remember your face
You’re right, no need to fret

So good to hear your voice
You sound great from here
To connect is by choice
It show’s we don’t fear

We must chat again
It was so much fun
So be it now and then
The warmth of the sun

Until the next ring
May you always be well
The birds they will sing
As my teary eyes swell.

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