Six Upon the Landing


Where did all compassion go?
It seems that none is left
Human beings they’ll overthrow
Even if we are adept

Corporate wheels they churn the people
Poison darts they throw
They climb and hide up in a steeple
But lack the depth to grow

Eyes are blinded by their fumes
A vision all can see
Lined up in rows of crumbling tombs
All rules are by decree

They muck about in shallow hives
And buzz about hereto
With skills developed to connive
My Lord, which words are true?

They pride themselves, a global thing
Stating they are giants
A kick, a punch, a piercing sting
Concern at best clients

At some point they must re-think
For clients too are people
A vessel’s built to float, not sink
Titanic was a steeple

All the corporate money made
Placed in their shallow grave
The six of them will stand and bade
For death you must behave.

Those of whom they crush today
At the end they’ll still be standing
The humble one’s will come to pray
Six upon the landing.

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