Look Back and Then Ahead

Book 10Building SAFE

Past reflects our future in many things we do
Hindsight’s greatest vision brought forward in a queue
Rules are broken sometimes, should teach us right from wrong
Ones we learn the first time, indeed could make us strong

Parents and our loved ones are treasure chests stocked full
Pain brought forward should reduce, less a dipperful
Hope the young ones listen before they’re on the tracks
Makes no sense repeating, mistakes from almanacs

Children learn their lessons, not always from the words
Trial and error disguised, could fill a herd of gourds
Backbone and good attitude keep the spirit straight
Strolling destined paths of life, testing truth and fate

All can learn from little one’s, even though they’re small
Strength is earned standing up, against the one’s so tall
David and Goliath took time to have it out
Stones were thrown, crown was worn, a win without a doubt

Most have 20:20, though many cannot see
Some move in their wheelchairs, with others walking free
Many speak quite open, while others they must sign
Planets in the universe, they must all align

Life allows commotion, while strolling down each path
Not as we would always, like when we do the math
Sometimes with disappointment, others with much glee
Blues skies offer peace, whilst we rest beneath a tree

Living out our lives from beginning to the end
Rules can differ greatly, though some like to pretend
Each one enters this life with one chance to succeed
Some produce longer lists while others just impede

Rain creates a new life, caressing blades of grass
Leaves fall upon the ground, this season now must pass
Sun does shine along the way, warming each new day
Looking up into the sky, thanking while we pray.

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