A Sliver of his Pride


Driving down that long blacktop having fun with some old friends
Footloose and fancy free, not one of them pretends
Not a worry in the world as they drove away from town
Nothing wrong till the truck did stop and his world went upside down

From bustin broncs and old farm trucks it all turned inside out
A dog to guide and a chair to ride at first he felt less clout
His world had changed for ever more, it’s no longer the same
It took that curve to turn around and somehow make him tame

His cowboy life made him tough so he could stand it all
It took his eyes, it took his legs, but he will never fall
From upside down to upside right he turned it all around
The dog does guide, the Lords in stride, his faith it stood its ground

His mind was strong, like he is long, he pushes on ahead
The tractors in the fields now, he rides them in his head
But that’s okay, he’s on the way, with this his new found life
His kids and dog together with the richness of his wife

It’s a harder path coming back, than it is going down
Took a smile of many years, and turned it to a frown
Getting back upon that horse, he took another ride
Bout the only thing it really stole was a sliver of his pride.

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