Bluegrass Heaven

Bluegrass Border

You walk up to them pearly gates
Just wondrin where to go
Saint Peter said you’ve had good traits
Your faith has kept you so

Enter to a place of gold
With splendor all about
Such beauty it will now unfold
So clap and sing and shout

Bluegrass Heaven is the place
That you will want to go
They give you all the clouds and space
For dancing to and fro

There’s music in the background
It sounds like mandolins
So beautiful to hear the sound
They’re fiddles, not violins

Picking of a banjo
The strings they count to five
Keep your fingers on the go
And the beat will stay alive

The upright bass it stands so tall
The fiddle looks so thin
A guitar picker makes a call
No place for man to sin

The Dobro it just glides along
The drummer keeps the beat
Angels they all sing a song
To keep you in your seat

You’ve paid your dues to get this far
By living your life right
The Lords words they did burn like tar
His thoughts were kept in sight

The rhythm and the rhyme they say
Will make your heart aglow
For all the words that you did pray
His words, like music, flow.

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