Two Singing Cowboy’s

Jimmie Rodgers  Hank Snow  Elvis Presley

Hank and Jimmie are Mom’s heroes
On the platter they do ride
All records placed in careful rows
She plays their songs with pride

First, “The Singing Brakeman”
A boxcar was his stall
He only loved three women
Country’s Father of it all

Away out on a mountain
Then Hobo Bill’s last ride
His music was a fountain
Yodeling blues, at times she cried

The rail it gave him stories
Like the Southern Cannonball
Jimmie never made his forties
For T.B. was his fall

Then came, “The Singing Ranger”
A cowboy superstar
The Opry was his manger
Jimmie too, his shining star

Hank was the “King’s” own mentor
With rhinestones he moved on
To leave a wayward lover
For the troops another song

Their lives have all expired
Now placed beneath the ground
Their songs they never tired
They’ll continue to go round

The songs they wrote made history
Down the path called Memory Lane
For they always told a story
Like, “Waiting for a Train”

Fond memories they created
With strength to pull a plow
Their lives like ours are fated
Free from the chain gang now.

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