From the Start to the End


An early age they made his call
To help a young man who did fall
His job to help and guide the man
Years of a lifetime it would span

So much time they spent together
Good times shared through stormy weather
Black knight wearing proud his armor
True colors shone in pure honor

Man’s best friend, he proved his worth
Guiding safely across the earth
Never to stoop or offend
From the start until the end

Such good friends they had become
To his master he was one
For those pushing past the line
Nature reared and showed their crime

The man with no eyes saw a son
In his heart a loyal one
Always looking to the skies
A life of being his master’s eyes

The time has come for him to rest
The dog has done his utmost best
Sadness comes, one must reflect
Passing moments with respect

Resting now beneath the tree
Tucker’s work is done, he’s free
Life of friendship, he did spend
With his master and best friend.

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