Hat Attitude (TLC)

Cowboy Hat1

Leaving her Medicine town
Boots dug in and shuffling down
Strong, scared, driven, yet vulnerable
That girl is truly honorable

Walking ahead and glancing back
Boarding on that southbound track
Her mother’s behind her all the way
The heart may break but’l never sway

That girl’s got “Hat Attitude”
And good old country aptitude
Honest, brave, loyal and daring
A musical heart that she loves sharing

Most fans come out to escape
Sporting hats of varying shapes
Hard hats, beer caps, cowboy style
Enjoying her music all the while

Black or white she wears both colors
No gray in her garden flowers
Stetson hats and Cadillac’s
Her heart blooms purple lilacs

A girl who wants in life no fear
She’ll draw from you the warmest tear
Beauty comes from within
To live her life, a solid win

Fans take their hats off to her
Respect is for their country girl
They love to see her up on stage
Worth every nickel they do wage

Authors note: Wrote this about Terri Clark after reading an article about her leaving Medicine Hat, Alberta heading to Nashville.

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