Eugene Lane County Fair

Cowboy Guitar
Call the day early or call the day late
Five AM makes for a long Interstate
Goin to perform Eugene, Lane County Fair
Their eyes all opened they had a huge scare

Flames raging higher than they could believe
Smoke filled the cab it was so hard to breathe
With modern technology that shouldn’t happen
Worse than a brawl, drinkin whiskey and scrappin

Holy smoke it sure was a mess
After jumping to safety it was time to confess
There was hurt by the many who just passed them by
But hang on a minute there was this one guy

Everything lost but the clothes on their backs
Some guy named Pete quickly stopped in his tracks
He offered them help going across his great land
At a time they felt up to their necks in quicksand

He seemed like a saint as he gave all his best
The Honky Tonk Heroes along for the test
Four old best friends and a new one to boot
Off with the hat for a five-gun salute

Holy smoke it sure was all messed
Saint Pete…er’s a Cowboy, who’d ever have guessed?
Plus four Saintly Heroes who have a big stake
Bringing the fans music they so love to make.

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