Leave a Love


To have a friend it means so much
You know this to be true
Back when we met you said as such
Yet now you seem so blue

What happened over time my friend?
You said you loved me so
Now it seems you do pretend
You say that you must go

Why must it end this way I say?
For I still love you so
I want to work to make it stay
Why must you go below?

Although you see, you never saw
For your eyes are closed
Not bound by love but bound by law
The battle now is posed

Such a waste of precious time
Together from the start
Change you give is like a dime
‘Tis time for you to dart

Your happiness is physical
As you drift away
A turn from love to whimsical
You’ve placed my heart at bay

A friend you say he is awaiting
To help fulfill your fairy tale
Now I see why you are stating
The time has come for you to bail

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