Wasted Years

Enemy is far too near
Cast your eyes, and feel him sneer
Cutting knife across the throat
White to red is your new coat

Saving grace there is not any
Struggle for a copper penny
Children crying deep within
Your God knows it is a sin

Walk right out no gratitude
Lacking depth and fortitude
Wash your hands of this new blood
Tears produce torrential flood

Sleepless nights for all but you
As you welcome your new crew
Guilty by the lust of flesh
Lives that count no longer mesh

Children caught up in their silence
Heirs to loss, a new compliance
Pour red wine in celebration
New lives formed through devastation

Your pride it is by far too strong
Not right nor good and far too wrong
Heavens gate may dissipate
Reconcile with so much hate

Sin will not go by unnoticed
Adjust now you must get focused
Open up your eyes in haste
Pray to God you do not waste.

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