Sinner, Saint and Savior

Three Crosses2

Touching heaven, changing earth
Many years ago there was a special birth
In a manger He did lay atop golden straw and hay
On the earth, three decades He would stay

Persecution, He did know
He had many a friend but far too many a foe
Chief priests and heathen scribes concocted lie upon lie
To nail Him on a cross that He would die

His Father sent Him to the earth to straighten all things out
Knowledge pouring freely as though from a waterspout
Selling wares within the temple, He tossed them in the street
His house of prayer was for all nations, not for such deceit

Time arrived, it was to be
A kiss placed on the cheek, intending to deceive
Scriptures had the evil one hanging from a tree
Then they took the good man, from Gethsemane

There were three, upon the hill
Sinner, saint and savior, time was standing still
Justice and mercy met as prophesied before
One thief chose heavens gate, the other closed the door

His Father sent Him to the earth to pay for every sin
Nailing hands and feet, eternal life would soon begin
His blood poured from the cross onto the soil to pay the price
Proof to the people of the earth, He was the Living Christ.

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