Good Luck Charms

Four Leaf Clover

Good luck charms work if you truly believe
Health it will sprout, good food morning and eve
Hope for dream jobs they can land in your lap
Forward your CV (Resume) or fall in a trap

Riding a bus, make sure you use your sight
If running in front, look left and then right
Good friends will stay with you no matter why
Don’t kick them down and then scream out goodbye

Such luck could be with you every day
To keep you lucky, rewards that will pay
Hold your head up and take time to beware
Good luck charms work if you take time to care.

8 thoughts on “Good Luck Charms

  1. I Love this!!!! It’s true, if you care enough to be,u eve,mother respect that belief be it in charms or anything else, and it might just work… Even those lucky pants!!!

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  2. Thank you for the advice Ritu. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I read quite a bit about poetry today and my eyes have been opened to the need to increase the vocabulary and read, read, read to be able to produce great poetry. My head is still reeling. Into the books I must go. Thanks again.


  3. I read that they asked a writer (sorry I don’t remember his name) if he wrote by inspiration or hard work and he answered “inspiration, but luckily the muse comes to visit me every day at 8 AM, when I’m already writing”.

    You have to work hard to be lucky. Well written!


    1. Thank you for such wonderful greetings. Ritu brings a breath of fresh air every time she invites her keyboard along for another adventure. I will be by, I see the Queen is on your list today. The family always brings something to the table (or tabloids). Thanks you once again. I look forward to your site!


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