Knock Knock Knock

Door Peep Hole

Hinges swing upon tradition, voices on their own
Savory stacks of laughter, while others may disown
Knock, knock, knock upon a door, echo of delight
Another may hide stories, one’s of fight or flight

Some extend warm comfort, brass doorknob with a soul
Solid as Gibraltar, eye peeping center hole
Family protection, for mother and her kids
Oak strips grip together, like struts upon steel skids

The one within a prison, rips life out when it slams
March forward go the guilty, lions turned to lambs
That key is now retired, hidden from all view
Steel door it speaks a sermon, the bars become a pew

Children knock with questions, of wonder and surprise
That door does open quickly, awaiting your replies
Searching answers and expressions, satisfying minds
Such portals seal abruptly, when answers are declined

Passion clamps emotion, locked behind a special door
The earth it has but one key, to open and adore
By far the hardest access, rests inside our mind
Change swirls a reckless rage, don’t close upon mankind.

5 thoughts on “Knock Knock Knock

  1. Thank you Laine Anne. Skeleton keys are treasures, as each one holds such stories to awaken the mind, as you put it, so well. Thanks very much for your wonderful comments. They add so much great value when people are willing to share their thoughts.


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