Symphonic Melody


Haunting event, cast away in rough storm
Annulled by nature, detached from its dorm
Departing this life, no chance rendezvous
Time it has ended, now bidding adieu

Dwelling now empty, washed up on the shore
Kaleidoscope body, rich in folklore
Departing stories all hushed in the shell
Handle so gently, do not crush its spell

Raise it in honor to cheer and to toast
Salute former master, invisible ghost
Place ever so lightly, next to your ear
Listen intently, for sounds you may hear

Symphonic music like magic avowed
Violins strumming and horns playing out loud
Waves rolling awake, caressing the shore
The stage is now set, like never before

Blessed is the seashell, no shadow of doubt
Sailor departed, replaced by a sprout
Musical master with chords in the air
Strolling and dancing, warm sounds, oh so fair.

7 thoughts on “Symphonic Melody

    1. Muchisimas gracias Ms. Musa. I can say the same about your artwork, as you put so much soul into every stroke of your pencil or colors with your brush. Your words are as kind! :o)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. On aurait dit également “à l’été 44” comme “au printemps de 68”, non ?En effet, Camille. Mais c’est une formulation que je n’emploie guère (qu’en outre je n’imagine pas utilisé de façon courante dans la conversation) et qui, ici, me paraît introduire une petite am©20uïtÃb&#8i3g; — volontaire ?


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