African Safari

Elephant and Zebras

Landscape bathing briskly, cool morning dew
Wind rustling in, cooling air while it blew
Promptly and safely the bird loaded four
Wings like an eagle, soft thunk of each door

Engine revved up as the pilot controlled
Graceful old Cessna prepared to unfold
On down the runway, then floating in air
Feet gently on pedals, climbing with care

Bouncing and rolling, and teased by the clouds
Camera safari away from the crowds
Altimeter dropped, now levelling things out
Old silver bird, so divine and devout

All nature’s beauties they came out to greet
Both young and old with no plans of retreat
Landcruiser loaded with cameras and gear
Trek ‘cross the reserve, in spurts they’d appear

Lions on guard as they lay in the shade
Preying on tourists with legs now displayed
Sporting their stripes, no two zebras alike
They’ll kick you quickly, rear feet like a spike

Giraffes they are graceful, when chewing cud
They won’t try to hurt or draw out your blood
Elephants circled the automobile
Babes and adults, grace and beauty and zeal

A list long enough, to fill up an ark
Cheetahs, gazelles, wildebeests in the park
Leopards, hyenas, hippos and jackals
Antelopes and more, free of all shackles

Splendid the beauty of all these creatures
Each one evolved, hats off too these teachers
Sharing their lives for the lenses and smiles
Living in sand, cast by nature’s own trials.

10 thoughts on “African Safari

  1. Thanks AnnMarie! No, All the photos I have were taken in the days of film so no digital photography. I am glad you enjoyed the trip. Don’t forget to request your air Miles :o)


  2. Oh my! I read AnnMarie’s blog and she follows mine — reading comments I found yours and decided to “click” on it and found your Safari poem! What a fun trip you gave me this morning over my second cup of coffee. I especially love the last stanza of this — very interesting to think of looking down from the plane and seeing all these “creatures” co-existing – and having them therefore seen as “teachers”.
    Will spend some time meandering your site…..

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  3. Hello Lillian,
    What a thrill to know that you were able to whiz away on a safari while enjoying a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home! You have made my day! We have AnnMarie to thank as she made a comment the other day which prompted me to write the Safari. She is a sweet person and a great writer so I am happy to have connected with you, through AnneMarie. Thank you so much for your very kind words and comments, which made a beautiful story! May your day continue as it started…

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  4. Ever since I used to watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, I’ve wanted to go on safari; camera safari even more. How cool that would be. Thanks for taking me there tonight. Hats off to you! Cheers~

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