Here Comes The Judge – Farewell Dear Friend

Judge 2

Jewels of the earth remain genuine souls
Nature does shine, as this pup’s love consoles
Eyes sparkle and gleam, like diamonds in rough
Retained a soft heart, but also was tough

Going by name “Judge”, she came highly esteemed
Adored by many, in life so it seemed
In the two legged world, many a friend
Eyes watching their backs, would always defend

Kind to her dear friends, like Arson, the fire
Playing together their hearts would inspire
Cookies from Oma, count three at hello
Tails would be wagging and eyes all aglow

Homemade ice-cream warmed a heart made of gold
Nurturing soul, vibrant voice that was bold
Swimming Lowell Lake was her number one sport
Walk and wiggle her bum, Judge off to court

No parting your side, when illness it struck
Shadows and kisses and wags for good luck
Wiriest coat, ears appointed with silk
Eyes so expressive, yet soft as warm milk

A day of sadness took poor Judge away
To a field where all dogs, prance and do play
Rainbow Bridge, a place for all that arrive
Treats now for breakfast, soup bones before five.

18 thoughts on “Here Comes The Judge – Farewell Dear Friend

  1. Yes, she had to be put down, due to health reasons, yesterday. The is a dog my wife looked after, almost every weekend, for many years. She will be missed by her owner and many others as she was such a dear sweet loyal girl to that family.

    Thank you for your kind words.


    1. I will look into that and see what is wrong. There have been a few quirky things going on with the site recently. Thank you for pointing this out Harry. Let me get back with you.

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  2. My word, Olden, my son had to put down he Shepard of many, many years on the same day. So sorry for your loss….Judge might run into Devo on a playful day….I know you will miss your dear friend.

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  3. Hello Ad Dawg. Sorry to hear about the loss on your side of the family. It is always tough saying goodbye but the memories stay on forever! They are probably romping already! Thank you for the comments.

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  4. I’m really sorry about the loss of your pet. I know from experience how hard that can be. You wrote a lovely poem as a tribute to her. She looks like she was an Irish Wolfhound? I think they are beautiful.


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