Crown Jewel

Sugar Bowl

‘Twas grand a seat of sweetness, and honor it did hold
Tales boldly voiced by many, grandeur it did unfold
Stories of the farmers, yet no secrets were withheld
Atop the table sitting, the center stage it held

Years bygone its coat was bright, knight in shiny armor
Myriads of hands did pass, all around the parlor
Scoops beyond what stars could count each spoonful it would hold
Treasures of a child’s delight, as each mountain it was doled

Coffee, tea or Kool-Aid, solely steeped to each one’s taste
Sweet was king, and no concern, for rolls around the waist
Grandma looked the other way, when Corn Flakes did await
Mountain peaks of ecstasy, the bowl would soon deflate

Time passed along, tables full of sugar from its midst
Happy souls with smiles upon each face as they’d enlist
Sugar made its rounds around the waists, now oversize
Arrested, now retired, Crown Jewel in full disguise.

12 thoughts on “Crown Jewel

      1. Yes. They will send you an email with two strings of code. You are with WordPress to copy the HTML code from and paste it in a Text widget. It will then link to the counter. Basically it is essentially a hyperlink that records all your flags as they come in. They are pretty good about answering questions. Their program can be a little finicky but they do seem to get things answered.


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