Life’s Table


Most chests hold and clutch sad stories, truths behind each door
Blood may have spilled upon those floors, spattered shore to shore
Son returns, bloody war, casket sealed forever tight
Gone are those who were cut short, no chance to reunite

Matrimony mates two hearts, a couple into one
Nature granted birthing rights, a daughter or a son
Celebrations now unfold, K-1 to senior high
Parent’s chests they thrust outright, with pride toward the sky

Monies often talked about, dark sears to red hot coals
Other times a child’s bad day, engraved now into scrolls
Tales of fun and gaiety are shared amongst the group
Revealing secret stories, by sharing all the poop

Old oak table stories told, will hold and fill a shoe
Each one ties a different lace, spellbound and held with glue
History repeats itself, as family’s age with time
Strutting forth, next stage in life, assigned amidst their prime.

7 thoughts on “Life’s Table

  1. Wonderful poem!! I lived in a house for a while that was built in 1850 and I so often wished that the walls could talk, same is to be said for an old table. usually the center of a family’s life, if only it could share. There is a local Maine singer/songwriter named Dave Mallet who sings about these kinds of things. he has a song about an old farm. one part of the song says,
    “This house is old, it carries on
    like lyrics to an old time song,
    Always changed but never gone,
    this house can stand the seasons.
    Our lives pass on from door to door,
    dust upon the wooden floor,
    Feather rain and thunder roar,
    we need not know the reason.”

    Thank you for sharing your poetry, you are most talented! Michelle

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  2. Thank you so much Michelle! 1850 Would whisper a lot of great stories. What wonderful lyrics of David Mallett. I did not know this gentleman so looked him up online. The song was “I Knew This Place”. It is clear to see how you could love his lyrics, they have such a grass roots feeling! Thank you very much for sharing. I am listening to his Greenin’ Up album. It will make a nice addition to the library.


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