Loss ties sad songs together, harp tending broken strings
Departing exhibition, attacks the heart and stings
Sadness streaks through nighttime, darkest hole it does invite
No calming of the pain, venom strikes a toxic fight

You’ll fantasize their loves return, trusting it’s restored
Next thought, seduce a yearning, to grasp the one adored
These thoughts cannot survive, for they’ve passed beyond that line
Such wishes stumble sadly, impair and misalign

Craft a chapter book inscribing thoughts you do recall
Name it “Memories”, conveying feelings for your wall
Photographs and notes together, captions underneath
Poems, stories, clippings, pleated like a festive wreath

Joy and satisfaction, reap rewards each time you view
This book of “Memories” bringing life to what was true
Relish looking back and visit times that filled your heart
Knowing you’re together, even though you are apart.

8 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Thank you AnnMarie. Sadness tied with denial is a powerful force that can take hold like a mirage in the desert and have us believe the unbelievable. Memories are a blessing that help healing to perform its magic at a time when they are needed most. Many thanks for your wonderful comments!


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