Gut Feelings

Words of Trust

Heed your source of wisdom; discerning truths as they do speak
Time to time things go awry, without paddle, up the creek
At times reactions happen, blink and flash within an eye
Lightning strikes in less a second, at speeds you can’t deny

Cobra lunging forward, arching apex, struck out and hissed
Stomach starts to quiver, although before did not exist
Actions and reactions shudder, once lured into a fight
Sleight of hand controls the mind, lying down when it’s upright

Listen gently inner feelings; they justly know your way
Keep on pressing forward, prevent avoiding all dismay
Minds boggle us the odd time, they appear so grandiose
Appoint trust within your gut, to your chest forever close.

11 thoughts on “Gut Feelings

  1. Ah yes AnnMarie, but the heart leaves room for delectable flavors that the gut may remove from the menu! Both bring balance and assembly, when needed! Alan :o)


  2. Wonderful advice. In my experience – gut instincts are rarely wrong. I love the way you put it all into words, and the use of the phrase, ‘without paddle, up the creek’ makes me smile. :)

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  3. AnnMarie called it “rhyming sorcery”; at it’s best. The surface wordplay is magical but what you’ve woven underneath offers its equal weight in wisdom. You’re a master at the craft! Cheers ~

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    1. Oh my. Thanks Millie. I do not have a clue what I’m doing but have started your paperwork. I assume I post it back through the same channel it came in?


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