Phoebe With a “P”

Angel Doll

Work phone rang and struck a chord, breath of fresh air it did spring
Baby girl for sis-in-law, sister sang as she did ring
Mom and daughter doing well, both content and in good health
Father sits atop the world, jewel among his new found wealth

Wonderful to hear my love, what first name did she receive?
Phoebe is the chosen name, for the one they did conceive
Thoebe you do say, (a pause), Thoebe starting with a “T”?
Yes, an angel named Phoebe, Phoebe with a letter “P”

Just making sure I heard you right, that’s Thoebe with a “T”?
That is spot-on, you heard it right, that’s “Phoebe with a “P”
Atrocious name they gave the girl, I can’t believe it’s true
Mrs. says she disagrees, wondering if I have a clue

Receiver resting back in cradle, baffled by the name
Childs parents should have thought it out, a name that should not shame
These modern names can cause confusion for the elderly
Child will live a life of strife, shamefaced, in the first degree

Thoebe family name in Google, surname is all it shows
Next was Gas Thoebe preamp, skunk aroma up the nose
Disconcerted, scratching head, by this fresh atrocity
Head now twisted sideways, peculiar odd persnickety

Text now in hand proclaiming, stork delivery of their girl
Mom and dad articulated, that Phoebe is their pearl
Sincerely, what do you think, about the name we chose?
Phoebe with a “P” is great! Fits an angel heart and pose.

6 thoughts on “Phoebe With a “P”

  1. Morning, Alan.
    You’re like a word wizard – as I read each line, I’m thinking how will he possibly come up with something that works for the next… This was great fun to read.
    Is this fiction or non?
    Have a most excellent Thursday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello AnnMarie.
    Your words are always very kind! The story is basically true. It was quite comical by the time we figured out that each one literally did not understand the other. The longer the call went, the sillier the story went. No angels or Phoebe’s were injured in the making of this poem! :o)


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