The “R” Word

Hand Chained

Twenty-six letters together
Compose or shape, versus tether
Freedom of speech, to resonate
Instill words, of unbounded weight

Expertise, in pursuit of praise
Engage in compassionate ways
Create language, fetching the best
Words familiar, warmth of the breast

Equal rights, working hard for all
Choir declared, standing up tall
All took care, assured to be fair
Benefit all, no room to dare

Vicious malevolent rumbling
Crept in, a dissident mumbling
Alluring in form of a spell
Akin to cracks, in a church bell

Culprit opens, starting with “R”
Ends with “D”, ignites burning tar
Eight letters, rhyme as regarded
Insults, and must be discarded

R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Word mostly bitter like lime
No need to continue doing time
Abolish the “R” word, flush it down
Surrender, and run out of town.

9 thoughts on “The “R” Word

    1. Remember, It starts with R and finishes with D and rhymes with Regarded i.e.
      Ret _ _ ded. It is in my mind an offensive word that people use to say that somebody is not the brightest bulb in the box. It is still used but should be removed from the dictionary if that is its only purpose. Can you guess from that?


  1. Sorry, never been a fan of the word. The people of which you are referring can be some of the most fun to be around! Younger siblings of classmates while I was growing up added to our fun activities. My Aunt happens to be one, she handles young children really well. You just have to learn their strong points!
    Jeanette Hall

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  2. tried hard to figure out the word, but to me the poem meant something to do with bullying. Nice one :)


    1. Thank you. The word is “Retarded”. Many people use the word to put somebody down, in a way of saying how stupid or dumb (2 others I do not like to use) and therefore they are putting down people who do have learning disabilities. Thank you for reading and pointing that out! Also, thanks for following!

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  3. I despise that word. People with disabilities are some of the warmest, most compassionate, and most accepting people I know. They could teach us so much if we’d allow them to.

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    1. I agree 100%. That irks me to no end. The world needs to understand who those people are and treat them with the respect they deserve! I hope in time the word can be erased from peoples minds so they no longer use it. They would feel like dirt if they gave themselves a chance to get to know such wonderful people. Most people are uninformed and therefore do not understand. This should be dealt with along with bullying in the schools and stop it from there. Thank you very much for your valuable comments!

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