What’s Down There?


Peaking like a mountain top
Spurting like a soda pop
Vapor rising up from down
Resting o’er the fairest crown

Lather fashioned hand in hand
On the surface, foam will land
Rinse the soap out from the ears
None in eyes, or swear in tears

Nearly ended, almost done
Get the towel, then must run
Gone is water, done the scrub
Now emerges, “hare” in tub.

10 thoughts on “What’s Down There?

  1. Morning, Alan.
    What I want to know is, how did the “hare” get in the tub? ;) Wonderful, as always, Sir.
    You know just yesterday while subbing first graders, I had to explain a new vocab word to them – vapor. Wish I had, had this poem …:)
    Happy Thursday.
    watch out for those spiders;)

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    1. The hare came over on an ark some time ago and there have been sightings of many, over time. Not to be mistaken with overtime.
      hahaha on the poem. Yes, those beautiful blue colored spiders. Happy day to you young lady!


  2. And here I though you meant hair, instead of the other word for rabbit. There is always hair in my shower drain. Have tried to convince our cat to join me in the shower, since it could cut down on him continuously taking slurping baths! But he’s chicken.
    Jeanette Hall

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  3. And where, pray, was this hare before you’d finished in the shower? Attached to your arctic blond head or frolicking outside with the bunnies? Great rhythm in this poem, Alan, and I enjoyed the humour. :)

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    1. Thanks so much Millie. The hare arrived on an “Ark” a handful of centuries ago. Many have been spotted over the years! Capturing them is near impossible! :o)


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