Demons and Angels


Demons and angels invite themselves into our world
Horned engine red, polar opposite, adorned and pearled
Burrowed on each side, positions taken out of sight
Braced for all-out war, dueling battle, ensuing fight

Do or die, I’ll gift to you an extra day of life
Small price to pay, sign your soul, for remnants of shelf-life
Repudiate good thoughts, abruptly, without delay
Matters no further, time represents shameless decay

Clouds hover in your midst, piloting a trusted path
Plan a peaceful route; escape the final depths of wrath
Depart in solemn peace, revere nominated date
Force cancer from the ring, rest your mind for this your fate

When the end does find you resting leave the door ajar
Peace of mind will sing a song inviting you afar
Mountain peaks will form a bridge for you to reach the sky
Placed in your name, vested seat, for you to occupy.

8 thoughts on “Demons and Angels

  1. Good morning, Alan.
    Knowing the history behind this piece makes the tender words placed here all the more special. How sweet and thoughtful of you to honor Nina in this way. I sense her smiling from above. This poem also honors magnificently those who’ve gone on from this life…a stellar tribute to all our loved ones…
    Thank you for your kindness. Smiling am I (but not too much or my morning coffee spills out). :)
    Beautiful weekend to you and your family!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello AnnMarie,
    I am truly sorry for your loss as I know your aunt had, and still has, a special place in your heart! She would understand the safety of not spilling hot coffee on a Saturday morning :o) May the sun shine and know that your aunt will be smiling down upon you and those she loved! Rest her heart in peace!
    Alan :o)


  3. That is truly beautiful, Alan. The last verse suggests to me both resignation to death and hopefulness for the hereafter: ‘Mountain peaks will form a bridge for you to reach the sky’ ~ perfect.


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