Ants in My Pants


There are ants in my pants ranting as they climb
Marching up the pant-leg, like a pantomime
Panting as they chant, enchanting as they rant
Nibbling where they shan’t, Chianti to decant

Gallant confidants, red ants and army ants
Adamantly planting pain, no sycophants
Informant savant, tis never complaisant
Never disenchanted, always vigilant

Romantic’s shyly chanting, mantra banter
Phantom bantam, a Canterbury chanter
Tantalizing tails sewing ants into prose
Gallivanting halts once ante up all toes.

23 thoughts on “Ants in My Pants

  1. Love this, Alan. You’ve managed to include some of my most favorite things: wine, writing, humor, bugs(only as art), ghosts….wonderful!
    Enjoy this day!
    So odd this morning, as I type this I hear gun salutes blasting in the sky. Just dropped the big son off to march in the parade. He’s trying to do it all: grades, sports, music…we’ll see.

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    1. Thanks very much AnnMarie. Lucky I did not include chocolate covered ants or may have spoiled your meals for this memorial day off.

      Ahhh to be young. It is wonderful to watch the kids when they are heading out into the big world by creating their own path. It is a lot of sweeping and shoveling for their developing minds. The nice part is they are also developing our parental pride as we watch them grow and share the ups and downs with them! :o)

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    1. Actually Millie, I knew you were referring to the sychophants who had elephants in their pants and you were right! I messpilled it meyeself .o) Ouch…my eye… If you don’t mind, I would like to keep your extra ‘h’ for another pome :o)

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      1. Thank you for being so gracious. My typos are inexcusable. :( You can keep the ‘h’ with pleasure. I’ll look out for it in a future poem. I should have just said, ‘Nice post’. I can’t really go wrong with those two little words. :)


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