Heartbeat Within


my dreams flew by
on gossamer wings,
too high to reach today
even on tiptoe

reach out my dear this hand to trust
prolong visions now floating inside
declare and refuse feelings unjust
swing and conquer veiled spirits in stride

inspire, acquire, conspire and softly admire
amassed fire pots dwelling within
gently nibbling crystalline puffs of desire
sweetly sifting starry-eyed mist so thin

messengers on high reach out this eve
slow dancing and tapping in beat
dewdrops upon saline eyes to believe
aspired love for you to now meet

return now a clean slate and arise
set sights with your new baby steps
reach for this your life of surprise
no more need for tiptoes, or missteps

follow your heart as you know best
this heart sleeps silently close
loving ear on your pillow to rest
soon five decades of one solid rose.

This poem is in response to
Lillian the Home Poet – Writing Challenge May 31, 2015

22 thoughts on “Heartbeat Within

  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!! The connection to the prompt is especially evident in your second to the last stanza. The picture is beautiful. Love the line “slow dancing and tapping in beat”…..and the last stanza is stunning!!! Love it! Thanks so much for taking the one sentence poem to new heights! :)

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    1. Thank you very much Lillian. I am thrilled that you enjoyed it! Just remember, you started it :o) My hat is off to you and your loving husband for almost a half century of caring and sharing with each other! :o) Have a lovely day Lillian!

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  2. Hi there, Alan –
    This piece by prompt or not is viscerally – as well as – romantically stunning!
    There are so mnay things I love about this especially “fire pots!” I want one of those!
    PPPS I am a (proud prom parent survivor!)

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    1. Thank you very much AnnMarie! You already have a “fire pot”, you just need to keep it fueled, from within. This will keep you going for a lifetime. And your kind words mean a lot to me as I know where they come from, and how they are meant!
      Congratulations on the PPPS. Always nice to have that down as such a great achievement. Look at all the years you had to study to pass that test! :o)

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      1. You’re most certainly welcome.
        Funny how things work out. I had planned for Sunday morn to be my perusing blogs morn – catching up on reading the works of great poets like this dude Alan M., but we lost our power for several hours – darn lightening – now I have to replan my plan :)

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    2. Okay, chuckle for you. I’d been looking all over in Google for PPPS to find out what the award was, to congratulate you after reading Alan’s reply – must have skimmed over it here! What a senior moment!

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      1. I agree with AnnMarie, with one small exception, the award for daughter’s should go to the mother’s and the one for son’s to fathers. You know, like mother’s and father’s day! One final note is that the parents may survive, but do they every fully recover? :o)

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      2. At the very least, there should be bumper stickers and perhaps even buttons parents could proudly pin on their clothing ;)
        I’m now in the Prom-mare phase – the aftereffects portion when you wake up sweating at night ;)

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    1. Hello Mary. Stephanie and I were talking about you, yes, behind your back, this weekend. You were one of the first ones to sign onto the blog and have returned so many times that it gives me great pleasure to see you popping in as often as you do. I can only apologize about pulling the Excel component, but it did not work out as well as anticipated.
      “Simply Exquisite”, your kind words have said so much!
      Lillian (the Home Poet) put out the challenge and although her style differs greatly from mine, I enjoy reading her poetry as she does such a great job of expressing herself. A while back, Lillian commented on a poem from this site about the goodbyes when our loved ones depart the house. At that time Lillian shared an serious event that almost took her loving husband of about 45 years of marriage. Although it was Lillian’s one sentence challenge, I decided to roll her story back in to the fold to write this poem. I tried to use the free form style that Lillian uses but at the last minute decided to switch it over to rhyming, which works for me. Seeing the handful of wonderful comments, my day was made, and I suspect Lillian’s as well!
      With all the great things Stephanie says about you, it makes my day as well when I know you popped in to read, even though I know that you are busy as ever. Thank you once again Mary! Don’t work too hard! :o)


  3. “….return now a clean slate and arise
    set sights with your new baby steps
    reach for this your life of surprise
    no more need for tiptoes, or missteps….”

    I love this particular group of words……every day that you wake up is a brand new chance to achieve that which lives deep in your heart as your mission in life. All you have to do is to become awakened as to what your mission is. Maybe it is to be a poet as you are, perhaps your dream is to become a youth counselor and help kids weave their way through an increasingly challenging world, or maybe your dream is to become a healer of people. It just requires courage, or as you put it: “….no more need for tiptoes, or missteps….” Quite lovely :)

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