Unite One and All

Sunrise 26

Brothers and sisters where are you from?
Which work shows your heart, what do you strum?
One huge vast rock where spirits should grow
River’s sit not, as nature must flow

Some live in cities, some inside caves
Mountains, and prairies, others near waves
Earth does connect through each walking path
Sand, soil, and water, nature’s own math

Stoke the campfires, sing out those songs
Sharing the stories, even the wrongs
Where does it hurt, which one’s cause most pain?
Are they warm tears, or down pouring rain?

Man made all guns then placed into wars
Forcing people to settle with scores
Mothers and fathers need be themselves
Put down all arms, then burn rotting shelves

Happiness opens with this new love
Found in each other, blue skies above
A must to forgive all past mistakes
Bring about peace, and lessen heartaches

Return back home and be who you are
Human hearts beat, no longer afar
Hand in hand a world much more stable
Unite one and all, around one table.

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