Blind as a Bat

Blue Glasses

Now you’re aware that I can’t see
Simple as counting one two three
Blind as a bat, you’ve heard them say
Night for me is the same as day

Sight represents many a thing
I may not see, but I can sing
Walk in a park invites new life
Birds, smells, sound with little strife

I can wear glasses just like you
My favorite pair, they are blue
Sight does not endow good vision
Clear the mind and then envision.

21 thoughts on “Blind as a Bat

  1. Hi Alan,
    Lovely poem.
    I’m currently working on an ‘endangered’ animal project, and I was surprised to learn about the poor long-eared bat’s situation. So many have perished due to WNS/white-nose syndrome.
    Hey, how’s that for cheerful news to begin your Monday with ;)
    Happy Monday :)

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    1. Thank you AnnMarie.
      Oh my, I was not aware of that matter with the bats. What an awful situation. I used to love hearing them departing the house rooftop every night in Kenya to go hunting. Bats are valuable allies and have always been misunderstood by humans. At least there are things that can be done to help out in this critical matter.
      Sad to hear but valuable to know. Thanks for the information. Good luck with your studies! :o)

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      1. Kenya? Interesting…
        I’m working on a project I hope to get published – we’ll see…
        Yes, bats – poor things – WNS has taken, I want to say millions of bats in the northeast alone…
        There are many environmental/activist groups and individuals working to help not only the bats, but all manner of endangered critter.

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      2. I look forward to reading your publication. Yes, we have to help with the balance as so many of the issues are typically started by human beings.


      3. You and me both, Alan. I’m really hoping to get it published – if Plan A, B & C don’t work, there’s Plan S/self-publishing (though that will get $$$ as there’s much 4/C work with all my illustrations) I can always hope :) Positive thoughts!

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      4. Ah, thank you Alan. I’m hoping this will happen. I’m 20 years off my plan ;) My original plan never included an 11-year career, marriage and having kiddies (who are still quite fun having around – most of the time ;) )
        I really appreciate your encouraging words.
        annmarie :)

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      5. 20 Years and all the fun things you have been doing is a short time in the grand scheme of things AnnMarie. Just to make sure the kids stay fun, remind them they are still within the warranty period and can therefore be traded off for a bag of jelly beans. Everybody loves jelly beans! .o) Ouch…my eye…

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  2. Hi OldenGray. Thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures. So nice to meet you. Glad you liked my poem Denial! And thanks for your comment always appreciated. Peace and Best Wishes.The Foureyed Poet.


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