Cowgirl’s Rodeo Dream

Cowgirl Horse Framed

The TV brings them in my home
They’re welcome to come in and roam
I love to watch them ride so high
It makes me feel someday I’ll try

To see a group minority
‘Tis like a dream for me to see
They too look grand atop a horse
Exactly what I’ll do in course

Some wear white and some wear black
They both have grace and take no flack
For what they do some say is wrong
I disagree, they must be strong

One day I’ll be a cowgirl too
I hope someday that this is true
To dream a dream it seems so great
Some day I pray it is my fate

And even if it happens not
The rodeo will make them trot
Or back and forth upon my screen
Before my eyes they will be seen

Cowfolks are one special breed
They live and breathe by their own creed
Some are black and some are white
Both for the crowds, they bring delight.

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