To Scotland With Love


Ocean washes upon each shore
Love continues forever more
Mother and father far away
Cast line of love every day

Echo of voices, ‘cross the line
Mending each heart with golden twine
How are you dear, and the wee one’s?
Etched in our hearts, warmth of the sun

Everyone’s fine, how about bro?
Give him a tap, please say hello
How is your health and the long road?
Minds now at ease, much better load

Ocean far-off, love like a rock
Water so deep, never apart
Know that we love you, ‘round the clock
For each stride, and mile we do walk.

6 thoughts on “To Scotland With Love

    1. Thank you Foureyed Poet. You are in the same boat as me. I wrote this for our dear friend Jennifer who’s parents still live in Scotland, with her brother. She misses them a great deal. Thank you for the comments. They are a great way to let us know the community is working!


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